The Retreat for People Who Refuse to Live Their Life on Someone Else's terms


An Immersive Experience | Nov 17-24, 2019 | Belize 

You deserve to get off the hamster wheel

so you can rest, recharge, & refuel.
The people depending on you need THE BEST YOU. 

Find your oxytocin buttons

Easily uncover your purpose

Cultivate your connection

Love + Purpose + Connection

Self-Care must be role-modeled…

The “Love, Purpose and Connection: Installing an Intentional Life” retreat is for leaders who wish to break free from distraction while they rest, recharge, and refuel, so they can learn and experience the medicinal powers of love, purpose and connection.

Our retreaters we transform might feel burned out from shiny object syndrome, the hamster wheel of work, or may simply want to sharpen their own saw for their own tribes you look to them for guidance.

Our retreaters practice what they preach, and want to design an authentic, meaningful and intentional life for themselves, and then return home ready to transfer their experience to those they love, teach and influence.  

This is not your typical wellness or yoga retreat…

This is a life-altering EXPERIENTIAL retreat, designed to clarify your own depths of love, purpose, and connection.

By the end of your retreat, you will learn, experience, and define your personalized Ikigai-based* plan to unleash the best you. You will return home invigorated, clear, and empowered to transfer your experience back in your everyday reality with established short, medium, and long-term goals. This ain’t no ‘one and done’, and back to the hamster wheel. This is a GAME-CHANGER back to…setting up your life based on the reason you get up every morning. 

* Ikigai = your reason for being here

You deserve to get off
the hamster wheel

Nov 17-24, 2019 Belize 

  • $4950 USD  ( Double occupancy ) 
  • $7950 USD ( Single occupancy ) 
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What’s included? …Almost everything!

  • Roundtrip transfers between Belize International Airport and El Pescador
  • 7 nights, villa room with private bath and access to the villa grounds and internet access
  • Daily breakfast, lunches & dinners
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Daily experiential & educational sessions
  • Two excursions
    o Snorkeling/fishing + Beach BBQ,
    o Movie night at the Truck Stop 
  • Complimentary use of resort amenities
  • All resort and goods/services taxes and gratuities

What’s NOT Included?

  • Airfare to/from Belize International Airport

Indecision IS a decision

If you wanna run with the big dogs, you know you can’t procrastinate.
Each time you procrastinate, you’re saying yes to one thing and no to another. And then seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, years go by, don’t they…?
The price you pay for procrastination is not always immediate. The true cost becomes apparent via a ripple effect that expands the more you put things off. This ripple effect eventually impacts both your personal and professional lives. 

Do you want a life BY DESIGN?

Then, come join us. We only have 10 spots, so it’s first-come, first-served.

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Rest. Refuel. Recharge. An Intentionally Immersive Experience

The science is clear…

Love (oxytocin) downregulates the stress response.
Purpose leads to a longer life with more health independence. Connection is more important than what you eat, how much you weigh, or what you’re addicted to…

During a 20+ year career as a Naturopathic Physician dedicated to healthy living and lifestyles, Dr. Brad Bongiovanni uncovered life-saving scientific findings that reveal healthy living is indeed important, but NOT more important medically as living a life of love, purpose, and connection.

That’s why they call him…Dr. Love.

Dr. Love is famous for facilitating self-care obsessed humans through his one-of-a-kind, destination retreat experience, held in various sought-after locations around the world. His retreats are designed to help participants break-free from distraction, have an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE of love-purpose-connection, and re-install an intentional life for themselves, returning home ready to lead and inspire their own thriving tribes.  

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Private Facebook Group

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Pre Retreat Workbook

(to prepare you for the inner work ahead and get the juices flowing!)

Post Retreat Re-Entry

(no one ever talks about Re-Entry, except NASA, but we got you!)


Your daily agenda will include:

  • 3 healthy meals per day, including adult beverages
  • Morning mindfulness
  • Educational/experiential sessions on love, purpose and connection
  • Excursions (2 for week, including Snorkel/Fish/Beach BBQ and Truck Stop…so fun!)
  • FREE TIME to digest what you’re learning and experiencing
  • Evening celebration of the day’s wins and lessons
  • FREE TIME in the evenings to rest, sleep, recharge
  • One group Movie Night!
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