Meet Dr. Love

During a 20+ year career as a Naturopathic Physician dedicated to healthy living and lifestyles, Dr. Brad Bongiovanni uncovered life-saving scientific findings that reveal healthy living is indeed important, but NOT more important medically as living a life of love, purpose, and connection.

Dr. Love is famous for facilitating wellness entrepreneurs through his one-of-a-kind, premium destination retreat experience, “Love, Purpose and Connection: Installing an Intentional Life”.  Held in various sought-after locations around the world, his retreats are designed to help participants break-free from distraction, have an IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE of love-purpose-connection, and re-install an intentional life for themselves, returning home ready to lead and inspire their own thriving tribes.

That’s why they call him…”Dr. Love”.

Dr. Love makes regular appearances on ABC, FOX,and NBC. He lectures professionally to international audiences on ‘The Mindfulness Revolution’ and ‘The Biology of Social Connection’.

I intentionally live in Milton, GA rated the #10 city to live in the U.S., and oversee a private natural medicine practice where I evaluate what is underneath our patients’ chronic health conditions and teach them how to implement lifestyle medicine prescriptions to reverse, maintain, and then sustain the most optimal version of their bodies, health and life.

But while being a doctor is what I do, teaching people about setting a healthy lifestyle ON TOP of a foundation of love, purpose and connection is really who I am…

That’s why I take people on destination wellness retreats to immerse them and cause an experience where we focus on crafting that intentional life, meaning-driven with legacy in mind, so we can finish this Earthly journey with the foundation and experience of a self-designed life of love, purpose and authentic connection.

I happen to be an AMAZING miniature golfer, an unapologetic fan of Neil Diamond, husband to the kindest woman I know (Leigh Anne), father of 2 humans and 3 four-legged kids, and I am guilty of dancing in the grocery store if I hear a good disco song. 

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